Employee Value Proposition

Who we are – why we do what we do

“It is our vocation to graduate students who find themselves through friendship and service with others, who love the world enough to act beyond self-interest.”
Radford College Strategic Plan: A Vision for Our Future 2021-2025

How are we successful?

Radford College staff are highly professional and experienced, motivated, and passionate about their roles. Radford staff sincerely want to do their best for the students, their colleagues, and the College.

We strongly believe in having the right person for the right role, whether that be a teacher, mentor, IT specialist, administrator, manager or coach. We aim to provide a workplace that is well resourced to ensure the ongoing success and growth of all our employees.

We continue to invest in our master plan which delivers world-class facilities and our clear strategic goals lay a strong foundation for leadership - academically, culturally, spiritually, and financially.

Our teaching and College Services staff are valued for their time and diverse contributions to life at the College.

Radford is known for its leading Service-Learning programs, community partnerships, Outdoor Education opportunities, comprehensive co-curricular and sporting opportunities and innovative ICT solutions. We seek to attract and retain talent, and show leadership in social, environmental, and financial sustainability.

As a learning organisation, we value both the personal and professional development of our staff. The College fosters a dynamic professional learning community that celebrates creativity, engagement, and critical thinking. We provide a comprehensive coaching and mentoring program to assist with teacher progression, differentiated professional learning opportunities, a Staff Scholarship Scheme and Technology Coaches to support ICT initiatives.

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Our aims are

Growing with integrity and authenticity

Contributing to a community of wellbeing

Serving the common good

Learning and teaching with purpose

Strengthening contemporary and sustainable operations.