BSSS Course types and unit grades

Choosing a pattern of study
The BSSS courses available for delivery include:

  • Accredited courses (A)
  • Tertiary courses (T)
  • Higher Education courses (H)
  • Modified courses (M)
  • Registered units (R)
  • External courses (E)
  • Competency based courses (C)

Each course has different values and requirements, including sequencing and pre-requisites. More information on each course is available here.

Each course is divided into semester units that are equal to one point each. Each unit is discrete in terms of assessment, with most T and A units having 3–5 assessment tasks that measure competency in the relevant skills and knowledge. The total weighting for these assessments is 100%.

Accredited courses tend to be more practical and project-based. It is important to keep in mind that students who register for an Australian School-Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) will miss 1–2 regular school days per week. In this case, keeping up with course requirements will need efficient time-management and planning.

Each T, A and M course has three requirements:

  • more than 90% attendance
  • completion of more than 70% assessment
  • class participation.

BSSS Unit Grades
Student achievement in Accredited (A), Modified (M) and Tertiary (T) courses is reported to the ACTSSC on a five-point scale, based on the A to E grade standards described in the course frameworks. Generic criteria that form the basis of unit grade decisions across all course frameworks include:

  • the student’s knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principles of the unit
  • the student’s cognitive and practical skills in a wide range of situations.

Other possible grades on an ACTSSC are Pass, Participated, Status and Recognition.

  • Pass grade is awarded in R, E and C units for the satisfactory completion of the unit and achievement of at least some of the competencies in E and C units.
  • Participated grade is awarded in C units if a student meets the attendance and assessment requirements but fails to achieve the competencies.
  • Status grade is awarded when illness or misadventure prevents a student from completing the unit and the college does not have enough evidence to award an A – E grade.
  • Recognition grade is awarded when a student has completed some Year 11 and/or 12 studies in other jurisdictions.

Unit grades for H units will be awarded by the university, using the descriptors from that university. These grades include High Distinction, Distinction, Credit, Pass, Ungraded Pass and Conceded Pass.