BSSS and IBDP comparison

To meet the diverse needs and interests of our students, Radford offers a choice of learning pathways: the IB Diploma Programme or the BSSS system. The differences between the pathways can help form the basis of decision-making when determining which course is best for individual students.

BSSS - Tertiary and Accredited IB Diploma Programme
Compulsory and elective subjects leading toward university matriculation
Strong focus on university preparation
Students can specialise in disciplines
Broad range of disciplines, including service activities
Assessed internally each semester
Externally moderated assessments and examinations at the end of Year 12
Can include a vocational-style subject
Does not include vocational style subjects. Core subject CAS includes creative/practical components
Years 11 and 12 results are ranked and scaled. The best 3.6 subjects count in the final calculation
Results are outcome-based (not scaled) and each subject counts equally towards the final score
Leads to the ACT Senior Secondary Certificate with a Tertiary Entrance Statement
Leads to the award of the IB Diploma
Results in an ATAR that provides access to university
Overall result out of 45 gives students access to Australian and international universities